„Imagination creates reality” (Richard Wagner)
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HUNGAROCOM was established in 1989 with the aim of creating a flexible development oriented small company to solve specific topics relating telecommunications in the phase of changing the network from analog to digital keeping always in mind the interest of the customer to reach the optimum, most economical technical solutions. For that very reason its products were usually missing from the palette of the large system vendors, with whom living technical cooperation are going on, for which many example can be mentioned (Ericsson, Siemens, Motorola, Airbus Defense & Space). All products of the company are result of own development activity.

Based on this philosophy HUNGAROCOM developed equipment for solving networking problems when deploying digital exchanges in an existing analog environment. In the early 90’s there were many rotary exchanges of type 7A2 in the Hungarian network. HUNGAROCOM developed and delivered the hardware and software of the interworking equipment for the two digital exchange vendors Ericsson and Siemens using their own equipment practice. It was a significant step for the interworking with the existing analog exchanges the development of the digital line connector family which integrated the PCM multiplexer, signaling converter function and the junction line relay sets of crossbar exchanges of type ARF 102 and ARM 201. This modern solution provided significant space and cost saving at the deployment. During the years 1991-1998 HUNGAROCOM deployed about 1500 systems (45 000 channels).

digital line connectorHUNGAROCOM represented the philosophy that there was no need to despair of providing functions and features for the subscribers and the operating staff of the crossbar exchanges similarly to ones in the digital exchanges during the relatively long co-existence of those. Thanks to the development efforts of the company all crossbar exchanges could provide up-to-date subscriber services they were prepared for competitive environment with number portability and carrier selection. For upgrading O&M features automatic billing and accounting systems centralized O&M systems based on computer network have been developed and put into operation. Beside the basic services it was also possible to provide value added services. This was represented by the introduced intelligent network services by MATÁV (Hungarian Telecommunications Company) based on equipment developed by HUNGAROCOM. These services were the nationwide free-phone, split charging and premium rate services.

It was an outstanding activity the development and manufacturing equipment in cooperation with MOTOROLA in 1993-1997. MOTOROLA delivered its RLL product type WiLL for 200 000 subscribers in Hungary. In this project HUNGAROCOM developed manufactured and delivered the interworking equipment with the Hungarian network furthermore the centralized operation and maintenance system for the microwave backbones.

IMG_0007m12.jpgIn 1994 HUNGAROCOM developed its subscriber multiplexer family. Using this technology a digital subscriber stage was developed for extending crossbar rural exchanges and digital exchanges with the application of V5.1 interfaces. These devices represented the only digital digital switches of Hungarian origin in the country.

From 2000 till 2006 in frame of an outsourcing agreement with MATÁV (Hungary’s largest operator) HUNGAROCOM operated all the crossbar exchanges in West-Hungary (200 000 subscribers in the beginning).

In 2003 HUNGAROCOM has developed its XYSCOM® small area broadband integrated telecommunication system offering broadband internet telephony and telematics services especially for small areas and villages. From 2003 till 2012 HUNGAROCOM was a registered telecommunication network operator. It provided services based on its own developed system. From the beginning of 2005 HUNGAROCOM started the provision of broadband internet services for 18 villages in the south of Hungary.

From the late 90’s HUNGAROCOM has been very active in the field of security and lawful interception supporting systems. Nowadays these products represent HUNGAROCOM in the first place.

This profile was originated when developing different anti-fraud devices. Developing a nationwide malicious call tracing system in the public telephone network followed it. HUNGAROCOM deployed the nationwide security system which is used for the property protection of flats of private persons, companies banks etc. connected on the normal telephone line assuring full sabotage-protection using centralized or decentralized dispatcher system. For this product HUNGAROCOM won the National Innovation Award in 2000.

The main product group includes devices for lawful interception of telecommunication networks. Products have been developed both for telecom operators as mediation devices for different circuit-, and packet switches of the fix and mobile networks and the law enforcement agencies for full information processing and managing of all kind of intercepted traffic.

Very important parts of this product group are the communication recording documenting and archiving systems for stand-alone and centralized network applications and the equipment family for encryption of telecommunication links and local area networks. Products are available for area surveillance as well as.

exposureBased on technical cooperation with EADS auxiliary devices have been developed for the TETRA system like communication recording, lawful interception, and nationwide data collecting and voice announcements.

An integrated object tracking and monitoring system (ARTEMIS) was developed.

The communications recording functionality has been developed for CLARICOR®3 TETRA of Airbus Defense & Space (earlier: EADS, Cassidian).

The main characters of the company are the flexibility, quick reaction and problem solving capability which are accompanied by significant experiences on public and private networks, analog and digital switching systems, signaling systems, centralized management systems and IP technology enabling the company to develop innovative products with high intellectual contents.

HUNGAROCOM possesses – beyond its experiences in system development network and switching system knowledge – all those up-to-date hardware and software development tools manufacturing technologies which are necessary to create modern and sophisticated products. All of our product is based on real time operation. For the newest products Embedded LINUX is used, HUNGAROCOM has hardware practice in DSP, FPGA technology, and typical programming languages: C, C++, Delphi, COM, DCOM, SNMP management tools. For some cases SDL tools are also used with own compilers.

Proving its innovative capability HUNGAROCOM took part with its own developed products on the world exhibitions ITU TELECOM 1995, 1999, and 2003 in Geneva, for the last two as the only Hungarian company.