HUNGAROCOM Telecommunication Ltd. (HUNGAROCOM for short) was founded in 1989 with the aim of creating a development-oriented flexible small company to solve special problems in telecommunication networks in order to provide the best and most economical technical solutions, keeping in mind the interests of users. All of the company’s products have been the result of its own research and development activities since the beginning.

The beginning of the activity of HUNGAROCOM Kft. coincided with the start of the digitization of the Hungarian public telephone network and the installation of the first digital telephone exchanges. The company’s key products were used to solve network problems that arose when installing digital telephone exchanges in an analog environment. Several products have been developed based on the philosophy that the coexistence of digital and traditional crossbar exchanges is relatively long-term, so traditional exchanges must be provided with state-of-the-art services like those of the newly introduced digital exchanges for both subscribers and operators.

From the beginning, an important goal was to establish development collaborations with major telecom suppliers. In the 1990s hardware and software devices were developed and manufactured for Ericsson, Siemens and Motorola in the suppliers ’own equipment design.

In addition to these collaborations, the first self-developed digital subscriber switching exchanges were born during this period with the introduction of new system technology concepts. These devices represented the only domestically developed, operating digital switching technology device in the Hungarian network.

In addition to product development, the company has gained significant experience in the operation of telephone networks since the turn of the millennium. On behalf of MATÁV, it initially operated the crossbar centers of Transdanubia for about a quarter of a million subscribers. Using its self-developed micro-regional integrated telecommunications system, it provided broadband internet, telephone, and telematics services to subscribers in micro-regions as a registered telecommunications service provider.

Since the late 1990s, HUNGAROCOM has also been very active in the development of equipment for security and intelligence services. The product group includes devices for lawful interception in telecommunication networks. Lawful interception management systems have been developed for telecommunication service providers for line, packet-switched, fixed and mobile networks, as well as complete information processing systems for security services. An important part of this group are communications recording and archiving systems for both individual and network applications, devices for various video and audio premise surveillance, and encryption of communication connections.

As part of the technical development cooperation with HUAWEI, security and operation monitoring subsystem solutions have been developed for its IMS system. Lawful interception and communications recording systems have been developed for the TETRA system since 2006 as part of ongoing technical development cooperation with EADS (now Airbus Defense & Space, formerly Cassidian). Our company supplied the central communication recording system to more than 50,000 subscribers of the EDR system used in the Hungarian network. We have developed a communication recording solution for Airbus Defense & Space's new state-of-the-art CLARICOR®3 TETRA system under a cooperation agreement. We have installed this system in more than 10 countries so far.

By the end of 2010, we had added new topics to our product range. As a first step, we achieved significant results in the field of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) by delivering several software robots. RPA operation has also been extended to OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence). Currently, significant development activities are underway in the field of artificial intelligence based on Hungarian language processing.

The result of the present significant development is the emergence of devices based on IoT (Internet of Things) technology for object monitoring and object tracking. This technology is also used by 5G networks, so significant steps have been taken in these applications as well.

The main features of the company are flexibility, quick response, and problem-solving ability. This feature is coupled with a significant overview and experience of wired and wireless telecommunications and IT networks and the operation of the devices that make it up. Gaining proficiency in the application of IP-based telecommunications technologies has also made it possible to create innovative products with high intellectual content. This has now been complemented by the development of tools based on robotics and artificial intelligence.

HUNGAROCOM Kft. - in addition to many years of system development experience, knowledge of network and telecommunication technologies - has all the modern hardware and software development tools, as well as manufacturing technologies within the framework of outsourcing, with the help of which it is also able to manufacture products.